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The writer formerly known as "bookloverblue"

Hello there, folks! How are you all on this fine day?

I am a proud nerd-in-training, bookworm, wannabe Renaissance woman and English graduate. I'm also a hobbyist writer, and I post my pieces here. My nom de plume is "Little-Red-Hat", or "Red" for short. I welcome comments and polite constructive criticism. My main genres are humour, satire, parody/pastiche, science fiction and some mild horror.

I'm no great painter or picture-related artist myself, but I like to let others on deviantART know how much I appreciate their artwork, and that's another reason why I'm here.

Aside from writing and literature, my interests include the theatre, acting, geek culture, steampunk, travel and learning other languages.

If people thank me for a favourite or reply to one of my comments, I do tend to say "You're welcome" - I just see it as good manners!

Comments on my profile are always welcome and appreciated. Also, I do NOT consider thanking me for a favourite as spam in any way, so don't be shy!






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You know, whenever I see those heavy metal rockstars (screamer vocals, heavy makeup, spiky armour outfits), I always imagine them backstage after a gig.

They go to their dressing room, exhale, shrug off the armour, put on some fluffy slippers and curl up with a book.

"Will you make us a brew, Mavis love? I'm gaspin'."

(Actually, that's a script scene waiting to happen. NO-ONE STEAL MY IDEA!)
The only problem with having characters in unions is that they're a beggar to deal with when they go on strike.
EMU ideas, where are you?!
Would love some feedback on the new Evil Minions Union scripts!
I'm happy, yet slightly unnerved, by the fact that my blog views seem to have increased massively this week.


pikachu roll head plz Britney Spears WTFF Jack-WTF? 
Saw a lady who was busy texting whilst pushing a baby buggy.
In the buggy was a vase of flowers.
You just know there's a florist shop somewhere where the manager's saying "Bloomin' heck, Doris, you'll never guess what someone's left next to the chrysanthemums..."

Black Dog Days

Wed Sep 14, 2016, 2:31 AM
I'm going to take a leaf out of dave-llamaman's book here, and talk about my own experience with the "Black Dog" - depression.

Now, it's fair to say that I am in a far better situation now than I was some years ago. I love my job, have a caring partner, and enjoy an active social life. What was once a wild, howling wolf has shrunk down into a little dark-furred puppy. It's on a lead or in its kennel, but still barks and snaps on occasion. In other words, my depression and anxiety are well-controlled, but nevertheless, they are still there. They will always be there, and I need to live with that.

The silliest little things can give it strength. I submit a new writing piece online, and get absolutely no views or feedback. The dog barks. I'm useless. I have no talent. I should just put the pen down right now.

My sister-like best friend and I have a little argument over something totally trivial. (We're both perfectionists who like to have control over a situation, but we're aware of that. The odd clash is bound to happen, but we deal with it.) The dog barks. I either become convinced she hates me and withdraw, or I let anxiety and emotion rule the day and blow things out of all proportion.

When I confided my fears about my depression returning to my partner, "Glitch", he turned to me and said:

"Is it something I've done?"

I wanted to cry. No, it isn't him. Of course it isn't him.  Hell, he's one of the best things that has happened to me. Granted, going from being a long-term singleton to having a boyfriend with a young child hasn't been a cakewalk. I worry all the time about their happiness and making sure they're OK. I question whether I am good enough for them. But they have brought me great happiness, too. Thanks to the Geekling, I can now name every member of the Paw Patrol - and I wouldn't have things any other way. Still, in my mind's eye, I can see the Black Dog sitting there, looking at them, its tail wagging in expectation: hoping to bring them into sadness with me. Well, mess me around all you want, you mangy mutt - but I REFUSE to let you hurt them.

My confidence has increased a lot, it's true... but somewhere deep inside me is that anxious girl who always felt like an outcast - like everyone secretly hated her. The Black Dog fetches her thoughts to the forefront of my mind from time to time. Applying logic helps, but sadly, as with all emotional troubles, it's not a failsafe solution. 

Some time ago, I got a semicolon tattooed on my wrist - a mark of the covenant I made with myself. I would not let the depression win. My life's story was far from over, and I would decide how it would be written, not some illness. That permanent etching reminds me of my promise, and keeps me going in the darkest of times - as does the love of my friends and family.

So yes, the Black Dog may sometimes shake off its muzzle - but, like all good pet owners, I am the boss in this situation. I make the rules, not it. Let it bark and snap all it wants... no matter what, it'll be me who rules the roost.

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